M6 Group has many years of experience in the World of events. The Company has participated in product presentations, celebrations and worked for major brands such as Red Bull, Audi.



Jaimas, tents and booths

Diversity of our own structures, such as jaimas, tents and graphics furniture and decoration of different sizes and booths for all concepts. We take care of everything to make your space ready.


Multitude of design ideas in single or 2 floor environments. With projects from scratch , we take
care of all the coordination and management of the stand. And we have two modular formats, one aluminium and the other wooden.

Flooring and graphics

Wide range of flooring, carpets, vinyl, melamine. We use different materials DM, PVC, methacrylate (transparent plastic), cardboard, vinyl on furnitures, tótems, walls, roll ups, canvas, and vehicles.

Furniture and decoration

Endless alternatives for your events where the structure of your space represents and enhanced your brand. We can manufacture corporeal letters, roll ups of Wood and other materials, decorative structures with truss, tótems.

Added Services


Creative ideas that produce excitement and search for spaces for your events


All kinds of services according to event: Coffee Breaks, Meals, Cocktails, Dinners…

Animation and Shows

Delivery of prizes, parties and celebrations…

Promotional gifts

The delivery of personal and corporate details to our clients

Image and sound

Introduction of the most current technologies

Transfer and lodging management

To facilite the movement to the event and the management of the accommodation

Support staff

With hostesses, security personal, translators…

Realized Projects


We participated in the decoration of the Huawei space where the Var was premiered at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a place where fans could enjoy the victory that Spain won against Iran. We produced elements of woodwok backlighting and die-cut graphics.


Stages of product presentation in which we also collaborated with the assembly of the structure and
the general decoration in an event as important as the MedCup sailing competition.


In this project we assembled and decorated both the interior and exterior of this tent which became a
huge success.

Do you have a project to realize?

Write us and ask us for a quote and we will answer you in the shortest time posible, informing you of everything necessary for your event or project